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"It was so special, and so much unbelievable talent." 


Elynor Smithwick


"Thank you everyone! What a beautiful offering held with such love, respect, integrity and fun!

So much love and respect for the work you women put out there. Full power sisters and infinite love and gentleness to ALL. 

Thank you thank you, this night had it all xoxox"


Kellie Curtis


"Thank you so much Eeda and everyone involved in the Brothers in Arms! We have so a wonderful and inspiring time meeting so many great and authentic artists in one night! 

We can't wait for a next opportunity to share and connect with all of you!"


Oscar Jeminez


"Thanks for a brilliant night! Our first nights outing in oz! We are blessed! love from London ladies!" xxx


Hilary Palmer


"Blessing to Ee'da and everyone involved - be it as participant or witness. Perhaps the ripples travel further that one can imagine. I felt you all on Sunday. I have felt you for weeks now. I was far away, very remote, in a community in fresh water country. Your presence was palpable there. I felt its depth, its breadth, its lightness and creativity, and its pain. It was full of thoughtfulness and deep humanity.

May we lift one another up. May we be protected. May we always give thanks and return to light.

In loving memory of anyone who has struggled. Life begets life; this is all it knows to do. You live on."

xxx ooo


Nicky Luna



Feedback from our events.

"Thank you for this event.

I am still processing the thoughts and emotions that came up for me that night. My family has been affected by suicide from a male relative who was the same age I am now when he took his life. Although I will never know what was truly going on in his head that lead him to make that choice, I felt I gained some insight the other night into what he might have been struggling with.

This event deeply moved me and I was touched by how many people came to support the cause.

Thank you to all involved. Thank you to those who shared their stories and were vulnerable and raw with us. Thank you to all the performers, who connected to us on a soulful, spiritual, emotional and intellectual level.

Thank you to all the beautiful people who came out to watch, support, be inspired and be touched.

Thank you, Sisters for Sisters, for keeping it real."


Emily Louise



"Amazing night at The Toff tonight. It was just 'real'! It was great to see alot of people deal with the tough subject of suicide and depression in men. 


Nights like these make you grow and feel proud of the community you belong to."


Tre Samuels


"Thank you SistersForSisters for a beautiful evening of heart and soul. I am sure the ripple effect of support will reach far and wide among our brothers, among humanity."


Charlotte Claire Myers



"Thank you for such a wonderful evening!! I'm feeling deeply moved and inspired from my first experience of Sisters for Sisters... so many gems, from the vast array of talent last night, that I'll take into my week and my interactions. Thank you to the organisers and to all that got up on stage and shared their talent for such an important issue in our local and wider communities."


Kirstan Flannery


"By far probably one of the most amazing nights i've had the pleasure to witness. Much love to all the performers, the Sister for Sister movement/brothers in arms an all that were a part of it, to say I was blessed I think is an understatement the amount of talent in one gathering was pretty incredible."


Wani Toa


"What a sensational and inspirational event. A beautiful call to greater awareness with incredible talent. Zulu Flow your vulnerable sharing was touching. Thank you all."


Heath Myers


"Wondeful night last night. Really heart felt offerings of music, poetry and information by beautiful people. Thank you" 


Julian Avedikian


"Congratulations on a really remarkable evening of moving and powerful performances... And a really well put together event... Not only the music and information provided but the thoughtful responses and way the evening flowed... I was so impressed and delighted to have so many diverse artists whom I admire in the same space sharing their gift and their hearts... Thank you it truly was an evening of healing and joy."


Christine Tina B 

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